Together with ABRA, we have set up the contractual terms for ERP deployment to ČKD Kutná Hora, a.s. the subsequent, we started the project and its handovered to the internal project manager. At the same time, we participated in the consultations of the secondary project, which dealt with the implementation of the ABRA project methodology.



The project included support for the introduction of IT processes in CETIN after splitting O2 into two companies – O2 and CETIN. These were Change Management processes, Release Management, and above all Deployment Management.


For Circon Circular Advice, s.r.o. we delivered the crisis management of the ERP system deployment project (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012). The project was implemented as an agile development.

We managed to solve the project management approach and engage the customer, the large and retailer, more in the activities leading to the successful completion of the project.

field of in-house central reporting. Another project to create a complex system for the management of ČD Telematika a.s – GIS location data and to provide a semi – automated system for supporting the Issue and related processes and legislative duties – VEST


At Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, a.s. we have implemented the ICT Strategy and the Lifecycle Management Strategy of this strategy.

At ČSOB Pojišťovna, a.s., we managed projects that innovate and extend the existing product portfolio of ČSOB Pojišťovna, which is a member of the KBC Group.


For E.on we are working on implementing a new distribution portal that will enable more comfortable work for both traders and end customers while meeting the technological demands of a modern application of this nature with the potential for further development.


In innogy, we have managed implementation of a large integration project for the automation delivery of building documentation from contractors (annually about 3,000 transmissions with a large amount of documentation subject to many controls).

Another project is the implementation of a new gas inventory auction system.

In Medicon, a.s. we had run a range of innovative, operational and strategic projects.

  • Divestiture of parts of the business – the development of the NIS (Sick Information System) to the big player on the market and the conclusion of subsequent service support.
  • HW / SW infrastructure innovation, VMware – HW and SW virtualization vendor selection.
  • Upgrading the PACS archive system (radiodiagnostic imagery), migration of physical servers to virtual, migration of data
  • New ERP system, supplier selection of new ERP – Helios Orange winner, data migration from the old accounting system, bridges for uploading data from NIS
  • Deploy SharePoint Business Portal, Share Information for Individual Business Segments
  • Reducing print costs, select a supplier of multifunction corridor devices, cancel the general portion of local printers


For the MPO we have implemented benchmark the IT budget scale according to the Gartner methodology.

We also helped set up the principles of IT financial management.



In Mountfield a.s. we have prepared the project documentation for launching a major project – implementation of Microsoft Navision.

We have begun the phase of analyzing the current state and defining new requirements, including work with both the top management of the company and the 50-member project team and the contractor.


The subject of the contract was to map the state of project management and the operation of IT companies.
We also managed the PrepaiCard project for Slovakia and the leadership for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
We managed implementation a missing IT change management tool.
We have added a set of recommendations and project tools to the company’s project office.

At RENAULT, we have run projects to take over the portfolio of applications, manage the development and change of applications of the world’s car manufacturer Renault into a management under the name of ASSIST spol. s r.o. It was about project management, analysis and ongoing evaluation of individuals from analyst and programmer teams of Assist spol. s r.o.

In SONY Česká, spol. s r.o. there have been a number of development and administrative projects projects.

  • SALT – Sale through reporting, sending sales and stock movement to individual sellers
  • B2B – International eCommerce EDI solution
  • Aneta Intranet Application – Portal Solutions
  • Formatted printing from OPUS (mainframe applications) and SAP, installing SMA and JetForm for formatted printing, templates and scripts
  • Migrate CCMail to MS Exchange
  • Transition from Novel Netware to MS Windows NT, data backup, creating new structures, data migration, logon script, rights, security

For the SPU, we conducted the Risk Analysis and Impact Analysis on the basis of the requirements law of the Cyber Security.

At ŠKODA PRAHA, a.s. a number of projects ranging from strategic changes and outsourcing of operational ICT services through the transformation of the company in connection with obtaining a contract for the renewal of power plants for ČEZ,

  • Started end-user support including HW and SW by a new partner with outsourcing and outsourcing
  • Deploy EBS Oracle
  • Implementation of ITIL processes
  • PR IT
  • Implementation of ICT changes in connection with company reorganization

In ŠKODA PRAHA Invest, s.r.o. a number of projects ranging from outsourcing of operational ICT services through company transformation, technological boom in connection with the renewal of CEZ’s power plants after the restoration of the whole infrastructure, deployment of about 100 new applications including robust database systems, deployment of 3 ERP systems over time and other activities resulting from the role of CIO, such as:

  • Implementation of ITIL processes
  • Introducing PMO in an organization
  • Deploying SAP
  • Introducing a management vendor
  • Introducing supplier ratings
  • Creation of ICT Development
  • Creating an ICT strategy
  • Setting up ICT management
  • Introducing ISMS
  • Realia change ICT in connection with company reorganization
  • etc.


For Tieto we supply professional capacities from the ranks of programmers.


For UniCredit Leasing CZ, a. S., We have been working on a large integration project – implementation of backend and frontedn – a key corporate application for the Czech and Slovak Republics. Part of the project was also the removal of partial database systems and their replacement by a single platform.

At ÚOHS we have reviewed the Risk Analysis and provided a set of recommendations for further steps in ISMS.

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