IT strategy (also ICT strategy) is the plan of activities of IT department at a defined time, serving to achieve organizational goals using IT tools and IT processes that support the main and supporting business processes.

ICT Strategy describes which technologies, in what timeframe using which resources can best target business strategy.


Management organization
Chief executive of the ICT operation and Development
Business guarantors of ICT
End users of ICT services

Revision of the IT strategy is needed in the context of the creation of the annual ICT budget. If there have been the business changes, it is necesary to enter these changes also into the ICT strategy.


Analysis, solution design, workshop and commenting on the draft, the final detailed documentation.

If the business strategy is not defined in written form, it is possible to come out of the prerequisites for the core business of the organization in the context of IT department needs.

In the ideal case the management of the organization is involved in the creation of ICT strategies as a proposer and an approver of IT requirements. The management of the requirements is also the sponsor subsequently planned changes in the strategy for implementation.

We also assist in the implementation and according to requirements also long-term support under the IT strategy update and its execution.

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