IT governance is defined as the sum of relationships and processes serving to management and control of organization in using the information technology and processes in order to reach business objectives, obtaining the added value, all while maintaining the balance of risk and reward.

Within this service, we set individual roles in the IT department and subsequently in other departments of the organization, so that IT service management system is based on the assumption that for the services which the organization operates is always someone responsible on the customer side.

IT does not invent services for itself, so it is necessary to clarify management steps to answer these questions:

Who wants what service?
Why is a such service wanted – which processes of organization are supported / and who is responsible for this processes?
Who is the approver on the business side and who on the IT side?
Who is the guarantor on the part of business?
Who is the IT application administrator?
Who is the supplier / subcontractor?
What workflow is needed to define within ServiceDesk?


Analysis, solution design, workshop and commenting on the draft, the final detailed documentation.

We also assist in the implementation and according to requirements and long-term support in the context of the process update.

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